Monday, May 27, 2013

Ice Cream for Breakfast??


Okay, first off, I have neglected you. I'll admit it, my blog has lain dormant for far too long.
I have a hundred excuses.. yoga teacher training, first hair-cut in 8 years, two near kitchen fires, and a general apathy for anything that deals with chopping, dicing, and thought.. sorry.. no more excuses.

Would you still love me if I told you that I have delicious raw, dairy free, ice cream in store for you??
Okay.. well ice cream might be a stretch but how about delicious rich berry gelato?

I hope you aren't too disappointed.. I'm not really much an ice cream person..

This recipe was created by a favorite yoga instructor and inspirational author of Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life,  the beautiful and amazing Tiffany Cruikshank.. but she put this to-die-for recipe on her Facebook.. (a sure fire way to send followers into a tailspin in a month when they have to scroll through all sorts of things to find one long forgotten post..)

So, I'm putting it up for you! Complete with pretty pictures and pin-ability (that is the ability to pin it to Pinterest, hehe)!!

First off you'll need a few things, and I mean very few!! Yay! See you can forgive me for my
kitchen-apathy, right??

1 Avocado (sm-med)
2 cups of frozen berries (I used raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries(not many those things, they are solid when frozen! Tiffany used peaches and blueberries)
2 tbls of raw honey (you can use which ever sweetener that you desire)
a sprinkle of salt
and .5 a cup of coconut water (if you are hard up and don't have coconut water add reg. water and a bit more sweetener)!

That's it!

Blend it all up in a Vita-mix or food processor and eat it..

maybe even for breakfast.. which I may or may not have..

No judgement remember! heh