Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey, You! Yeah, you! Lets catch up! *2011-present*

So, lets play catch up. If you're new to my blog you might be a little confused about the timeline. The previous posts, ala before Monday, on my blog were from 2011, and then ***timewarp* it is 2013. Yes, that is quite a bit of time. If you're friends with me on Facebook than you've been up to speed with the general story of the past few years.

On Christmas day I posted a photo (shown above) to Facebook of a me in the new Women's Health Big Book of Yoga, written by Kathryn Budig. (Thanks, mama, for this radical gift! Even though the book has been out since October, this was the first time I saw it in the flesh.. err.. cellulose? oh whatever.)

I highly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in starting a yoga practice, furthering their understanding of the benefits and uses of yoga, and incorporating light humor and renewal into your current practice. Seriously, this book is put together phenomenally!

...BUT.. lets back up, about a year-ish into my yoga practice I started doing Kathryn Budig's classes on (another wonderful yoga resource, $18/month unlimited online yoga classes from the crem de la crem of yoga teachers). I was inspired by Kathryn's wit, humor, and her ability to make me believe "the impossible"to be totally do-able! So, I began following her on Facebook. In Late October of 2011,  she had posted to her facebook that she was looking for stories of weight loss and yoga for her new book. "Hey!" I thought, I might have something to say on this.

It will come as no surprise to many, but I am a die-hard yogi (..yogini.. whatever..), originally I started this blog as an inspirational blog to get people on to their mats, or at least considering it, and a way to track my progress of losing the baby weight. Well, it was a journey that took a lot of dedication, and most of that dedication was spent on real-life and not so much blogging or updating. To date, I have lost all the baby weight and more. So, here is the story that appeared in The Big Book of Yoga.

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Copied from Women's Health Big Book of Yoga by Kathryn Budig (GO BUY IT NOW!)
 -- More info on Kathryn Budig

Yay! So, I actually wrote this in 2011, so, yeah want more of an update? I continue to LOVE my yoga practice, and all the weird benefits that manifest as a result. "Such as?" you might ask. Well, yoga has changed my outlook on life, love, fitness, and eating. It is really difficult to explain how a simple "exercise" can do all that, I know.. just trust me.. It is weird.. and it happens. Not trying to get too hippie-doo-da-day, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the whole mind-body-spirit connection that happens in yoga. However, you might not get this till you get "it", so I'll spare you the rest of my praise of the GRAND POOBAH-YOGA. Just trust me, okay? Hit your mat!

Another really amazing thing that happened last Summer, I actually got to practice with my yogini-heroine, Kathryn Budig, at Yoga Pearl for her Flight of the Yogi workshop. So much fun! I totally recommend looking into practicing with this amazingly inspiring woman. She leads workshops and retreats all over the world, so for real, check her out!!

Me, Kathryn, and my totally hot amazon mama

Right now, I'm focusing on honoring a place of balance in my life, and continuing to really focus on things that are implemented as a lifestyle and not so much as a means to an end. In other words, while P90X might rip my body to hot shreds of sexiness, the chances of me being about to keep up with that program long term are likely to none. I understand now that by doing things that are easy to incorporate into my everyday life that I set more reasonable goals and in turn I am more likely to stick with these things. This doesn't mean that I don't seek the moon and stars, it just means that I enjoy the top of the trees on my way up. Get it? no? ..never mind.

So there. Are you caught up? Anything else that you would like to know? Any ideas on where you might want to see this blog go? I have some great ideas on recipes to share and totally do-able wellness. I'm not rolling in the bucks by any means, so you can totally expect all my ideas, recipes, and suggestions to be easily implemented into a super tight budget (believe me, I totally get it. I will refrain from suggesting weird cleanses or detoxes that have you buying $30 supplements! Ugh! am I right?!)

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with raw and vegan recipes (p.s. I won't claim to be either of these things.. we're still working on do-able, remember?). Recently, began a love affair with my new CuisineArt (another radical gift from my amazeballs mama!) This year I also hope to really work hard and continue working really hard on some other life goals that I have in mind. I also expect some big changes from the mundane out of work college graduate life ..(please, universe, please, please! ..Yoga teacher training? totally awesome raw treats hustler? Secretly-a-total-mess life coach? hysterically stressed grad student? )

I don't know yet, I'm totally still figuring it out! ...but I'm cool, life is totally blessed! ...TOTALLY!

Loving You,

Laura C. Helms

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  1. Do them all. Cottage food production laws, while daunting and excessive, aren't impossible. I have very high hopes that YTT will be fun for you as well. You just have to remember that there will always be someone telling you that you can't. Most of them never have many original ideas any way, living vicariously through others. Secondly, the journey of a thousand miles begins with only a step. Once you begin, mise en place.

    Thank you for being real. You're far more grounded than I think you give yourself credit for.

    D and I are hiking this coming Sunday. Arlo is coming as well. :)