Friday, February 1, 2013

Somedays require yoga.. and some days require yoga AND CHOCOLATE!

Okay, today hasn't been the best, by no means the worst, but I found myself
running the hamster wheel of negative, resentful, pointless thoughts.

You know the usual, self-pity mixed with some "WTF' and "Why?!".. you know what I'm talking about.. don't deny it.
Nothing really happened to set me off, I was just feeling sorry for myself.. So, break out the
balloons and hats because we're making raw chocolate bars for this pity party!

Really though, My yoga practice helped knock me off my hamster wheel, but I was left needing something else..

call it a pick-me-up, a craving, a hankering..

.... a hankering for chocolate!

Because let's face it.. there are somethings that just require a big fat Rx from Dr. Chocolate..

However, I've done pretty good keeping chocolate out of my house.. It never lasts,
and I'm left with a sad feeling that I just undid all the healthy living from the past week.
So, let's make some healthy chocolate.. that's right, I said it! You know chocolate made
from nuts, dates, avocado.

That's right.. no added sugar, no dairy, no undoing the hour
of intense core work I just busted out in my yoga practice. This recipe is fast, easy, and
will have you smiling and back in the game. A word of warning though, I made this
chocolate in a bit of a frantic get'er done kind of way.. Yeah.. It was like that. So, the
measurements are approximates, but you should be fine as long as when you pinch the mixture and  it sticks together.

Raw Mexican Chocolate Bars:


Chocolate base:
1 c. Deglet Noor Dates (check em real good for pits, I swear I always miss one or two!"
2/3 c. raw cashews
1/3 c. Walnuts
3/4 c. Coconut flakes
1/4 of an avocado
1 tbls. melted Coconut oil
2.5 tbls. Raw Cacao powder
.5 tbls. Cinnamon
pinch of cayenne (roughly about 1/8 teaspoon)

.25 c. raw cashew
.25 c. coconut flakes
.5 tsp Himalayan sea salt (totally optional, but in my world salt and chocolate are a given)

Pulse all chocolate base ingredients into a food processor until it forms a sticky dough, if it isn't coming together at another tbls of coconut oil.
Put it in a rectangular container and press down to ensure uniformity.

You can also form the mixture into 1.5in. balls and roll in the topping to get more of a truffle effect.

Pulse the topping until the cashews are chopped and sprinkle on the chocolate and press it down to create your topping layer.

Place in the fridge and cool. Eat it. Smile. It's all gonna be okay.

I promise.

Loving you,

Laura C. Helms

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