Monday, March 14, 2011

The Worst of All Four Letter Words

Sorry It has taken so long to get another post on here.
School briefly consumed me, but I've managed to tackle it all
and surface back to normalcy! Woohoo!!

This post I want to write about the biggest four letter word:
We've all used this word. We've all heard it. There is nothing more frustrating to me than hearing myself say this, or hearing people say this to themselves. There are always going to be times when we really feel like we can't, but the trick is to ignore that little voice in your head that tells you can't. When we push that little voice aside we will only then realize that we have more strength in ourselves than we ever thought was possible.

I'm going to liken this to childbirth. For my daughter's birth we had an all natural waterbirth, no drugs, no pain relievers. There was that point towards the end when I just hit a wall, and really thought, "oh my god, I can't do this!" The pain was uncomfortable and unyeilding and had gone on for so long.. However, in this moment of intensity I remembered what a friend of mine had told me about her own birthing experience, (3 all natural at home births,) "find that primitive animalistic side of yourself and surrender." When she told me this it kind of made sense, but it was in that final stage of labor that it became so clear to me. Essentially, we are animals. Animals don't tell themselves "I can't", how many times have you seen an animal relentlessly try to do something over and over again. It isn't very often that they just immediately give up. Going back to my labor, that moment I hit the wall and "can't" came out of my mouth, was the moment I turned off my brain and surrendered. Shortly afterward I held this miracle in my arms. I know that for some people relating to this experience may be hard as not all of us have given birth or gone through this experience, but I'm just trying to tell you that you have all the power within yourself to tackle ANYTHING.

The second you surrender to "can" you open up a whole new world. However, when you surrender to "can't" all of your work flies out the window.
When we have made a goal for ourselves this word must be banished from our
vocabulary. Nothing can set you back more than believing than you

Remember that "Can't" can appear in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it appears as
an excuse, or it comes to us through procrastination (I will tomorrow, I will later).

So next time you start to tell yourself, "I can't", ignore that voice, power through it, and allow yourself to really see the full potential you've always had within yourself. That little voice might not go away, but the attention and POWER you give to it will.

So where are you placing your power? In the "can't"s or in the CAN's?? The results of your efforts will show you where your power is, so if you want real results say YES to can!!

Have a great week! and remember, WE CAN DO IT!!

One Love,

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